Who we are?

The Rob Guillonard Design Studio is a full-service interior architecture firm with over 25 years of experience serving diverse private and commercial clients. Experienced with all facets of interior architecture, the firm delivers creative and innovative architectural designs with a friendly and personal approach.

What we do?

The Rob Guillonard Design Studio provides interior architecture services that are tailored to specific client desires, needs and budget. The firm is capable of providing complete services – planning, design, regulatory compliance documentation and turnkey project management services – for renovation, alterations and expansion of existing buildings or new construction.

In addition to numerous private commissions, we have realized various office and hotel projects.

How we do it

An optimal and esthetically appealing architectural design depends on accurate understandig of requirements and constraints, a creative design process that translates the requirements into an architectural design,and successive refinement of the design considering client esthetics preferences and budget.

The process employed by the Rob Guillonard Design Studio starts with an initial consultation during which the client’s needs, desires, esthetic preferences and budget are discussed.

The outputs from the initial consultation are a list of requirements that are derived from the client’s input and a description of services the studio will provide the client ,all written down in a quotation .After approval of the quotation the Studio delivers a sketch plan which depicts the firm’s creative interpretation of the requirements.

The sketch plan is reviewed at a subsequent consultation with the client at which time changes are discussed and agreed upon.

Subsequently the studio prepares a final plan. The technical documents illustrate the layout, detail drawings,colors, materials and lighting arrangements. When necessary, the studio consults with experts such as civil engineers,,specifications writer, landscaping architects etc.

Once the final plan is approved by the client, the studio solicits bids from approved contractors. Subsequently, the studio commences to execute the project, reporting on progress and spending at regular intervals to the client.


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