Parkview Hotel

The existing hotel “the golden Regal” ,beautifully situated at the edge of the Vondelpark, was in bad shape.To demolish the whole building was not allowed by the municipality.For the expansion plan a rigorous approach was required.From the inside everything was demolished.The only thing that remained were the facades and floors.The top floor was demolished and rebuilt as a copy of the underlying floor and on top of that a new top floor was created.The foundation was very bad and had to be renewed.Because of that there was the opportunity to combine the new foundation with the addition of a basement where,among others,the breakfast room was created.All in all the hotel ’s usable area is increased with approximately 150 m2.

The property now includes 17 spacious comfortable rooms,specially made furniture and built – in closets,bright bathrooms with floor heating.The whole building is equipped with Led-lighting,internet, an elevator , a new staircase and an inviting entrance.Also the name of the hotel is changed on our advice in Parkview Hotel.

location: Korte van Eeghenstraat,Amsterdam
work: Extension and renovation plan,working drawings,building permit procedure,lighting plan and complete furnishing plan.